Casa Mare’s menu – best of Lauttasaari

When you wish to enjoy tasty food in Helsinki, you will find what you are looking for on Casa Mare’s à la carte menu. Our menu is designed taking into account different preferences, but yet remaining true to our style. Our food is refined, but not posh; we use high-quality, fresh ingredients to prepare genuinely tasty and proper meals. Welcome to have our delicious food in Casa Mare in Lauttasaari!

Any questions about allergies and dietary wishes concerning our menu will be happily answered by our staff.

LF = lactose free
LL = low lactose
GF = gluten free
D = dairy free
MSC = MSC / marine Stewardship Council

Some our diches can be made gluten-free. Please, ask more from staff. We process grain products in our kitchen and therefore we are unable to guarantee that all ingredients are 100% gluten-free.



Cold-smoked salmon, parmesan cheese and dark balsamic vinegar (LF, GF) €6.00
Tuna ceviche (MSC) – fresh tuna cured in lime juice (D, GF) €6.00
Mozzarella and tomatoes with house-made fresh pesto (LL, GF) €6.00
Air-dried ham and honey melon (D, GF) €6.00
Chilli-marinated Kalamata olives (D, GF) €4.00
Sweet potato fries with chilli mayonnaise (D, GF) €4.00

Snack sampler €17.50
Cold-smoked salmon with parmesan cheese and dark balsamic vinegar, tuna ceviche (MSC), buffalo mozzarella and pesto, air-dried ham and honey melon, chili-marinated Kalamata olives

Starters, salads and soups

Starters, salads and soups

Escargots à la Casa Mare (L) €12,50
Escargots gratinated in Peltola Blue cheese and garlic, served with toasted bread

Caesar salad naturel (L) €8.50/ €13.50
Romaine lettuce, garlic croutons and house Caesar dressing with finely aged parmesan cheese

Add to your dish:
*Grilled fresh tuna (MSC) (D, GF)  + €4.00 / + €6.00
*Grilled Finnish hanger steak roast (D, GF)  + €4.00 / + €6.00
*Grilled Finnish chicken breast from a family-owned farm (D, GF)  + €4.00 / + €6.00

Chef’s salad (D, GF) €12.00/€19.50
Seasonal lettuce mix, marinated red onions, cantaloupe, cherry tomatoes, celery flakes, tuna ceviche (MSC) and soy aioli

Traditional salmon soup and rye bread (LF) €10.90 / €16.50

Main courses

Main courses

Pasta alla Polpette (LF) €18.90
Fresh pasta, meatballs with parmesan cheese and basil-fresh tomato sauce

Pesto pasta (vegan) €17.90
Fresh pasta, house-made basil pesto, semi-dried cherry tomatoes and roasted pine nuts

Fish of the day, please ask the waiter for more information

Shellfish bowl Diavolo (LF, GF) €21.90
Prawn tails, mussels and shrimp in a smooth, creamy chilli-tomato sauce, rustic potato wedges and aioli

Seasonal vegan dish (GF) €19.90
Crunchy roasted quorn and parsnip, nut and cauliflower puree, celery flakes and herb oil

The season’s best meats from the grill

*Finnish beef sirloin steak 150 g €29.00 / additional steak 150 g €12.00
*Finnish hanger steak roast 200 g €22.50
*Åland lamb roast €25.50

Choose one of the house sauces for your dish:
*Pepper sauce (LF, GF)
*Bearnaise sauce (LF, GF)
*Red wine sauce (D, GF)
*Seasoned butter (LF, GF)

All grill dishes include an oven-baked potato (D, GF) and sour cream (LF) as well as seasonal vegetables (D, GF)

Seasonal classics

Finnish beef minute steak (LF, GF) €22.90
Seasoned butter, rustic potato wedges and seasonal vegetables

Devil’s chicken (LF, GF) €18.90
Seasonal vegetables, oven-baked potato and sour cream

Grilled calf’s liver (LF, GF) €19.90
Cognac-cream sauce, mashed potatoes and crushed lingonberries

Casa Mare burger (LF) €18.90
Grilled Finnish 200 g Black Angus beef steak, Herkkutila cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, marinated red onion, pickled cucumber, chilli mayonnaise and rustic potato wedges.

Falafel burger (L) €18.90
Fresh bun with 200 g juicy house-made falafel steak, iceberg lettuce, marinated red onion, pickled cucumber, chilli mayonnaise and rustic potato wedges. Vegan version also available.

Customise your burger:
*Additional steak (DF, GF)  + €6.00
*Double cheese/vegan cheese (LF)  + €2.00
*Bacon (D, GF) + €2.00
*Fried prawn tails (D, GF)  + €3.00
*Peltola Blue cheese (L, G)  + €2.00
*Sweet potato fries (D, G)  + €2.00
*Dips: Chilli mayonnaise / Soy aioli / Fresh pesto / Garlic sour cream  à + €2.00


Premium pizzas

We have expanded our pizza selection – have a taste of our Premium pizzas

Each new pizza on the menu is a superior and unique experience. The ingredients of the Premium pizzas have been carefully selected and guaranteed fresh. They are combined in new ways that make them especially delicious. The chef’s unique touch can be seen and felt in the sauces and seasonings. The sourdough of the Premium pizza base is made in the Finnish Kannisto bakery with more than 100 years of experience. The pizzas are served on handmade clay plates that are specifically designed for our Premium pizzas.

Lande (LF) €16.90
Tomato sauce, pizza cheese, smoked ham from Kivikylä, Peltola Blue cheese, Mouhijärven Metsuri red cheese, pickled cucumber from Myrttinen and parsley

Thai Surf & Turf (LF) €17.50
Grilled chicken, Thai-marinated scampi, semi-dried cherry tomato, pomegranate, coriander and lime

Odessa (L) €18.00
Tomato sauce, mussels, fresh tuna, garlic sour cream and capers


Pizza Casa Mare (LF) €14.90
Crayfish, smoked salmon, buffalo mozzarella and fresh dill

Vegetariana (LL) €13.90 
Tomato sauce, goat cheese, fresh champignon, semi-dried cherry tomato, fresh pesto, onion and rocket

Quattro Stagioni (LF) €13.90 
Smoked ham from Kivikylä, pineapple, shrimp and fresh champignon

Romero (LF) €14.40 
Pepperoni salami, pineapple, shrimp and blue cheese

Personale (LF) €13.80 
Pepperoni salami, pineapple, fresh tomato, onion and blue cheese

Italiano (LL) €14.30 
Air-dried ham, semi-dried cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella and fresh pesto

Giovanni (LF) €14.00
Pepperoni salami, smoked ham from Kivikylä, Bolognese sauce and onion

Chorizo (LL) €14.00 
Chorizo, buffalo mozzarella and rocket

Fantasia €15.50
1–4 toppings of your choice

Available toppings (€2.00 each as extra toppings):
Smoked ham from Kivikylä, air-dried ham, pepperoni salami, chorizo, Bolognese sauce, fresh champignon, pineapple, onion, jalapeno, chili-sweet pepper compote, tomato, rocket, egg, cold-smoked salmon, shrimp, tuna, blue cheese, chicken breast, goat cheese, buffalo mozzarella, semi-dried cherry tomato, fresh pesto, vegan cheese, feta cheese, paprika

We can also make the pizza with a gluten-free base which we will charge €2.00 per pizza. We can add garlic on the pizza free of charge.



Porter mud cake and pistachio ice cream with walnut praline €9.00

House cheesecake (LF, GF) €9.00

Vanilla-pistachio ice cream and marinated passion fruit (vegan) €9.00

Dolze ice cream from Tillinmäki, Espoo €3.50/scoop
Ask our staff about our selection!


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