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Blini brunch 15.1.–26.2.
On Sundays at 12–16

Blini brunch

A cosy blini brunch at Casa Mare, Helsinki’s Lauttasaari

Welcome to a blini brunch at restaurant Casa Mare, Helsinki’s Lauttasaari! We serve blini brunch on Sundays 15.1.–26.2. at 12–16. See the menu below.

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Blini brunch menu

On Sundays 15.1.–26.2. at 12–16
45,00 € / person
Children under 12 years -50%

Blinis and sides
Slightly salted salmon (M, G)
Cold smoked salmon tartare (L, G)
Whitefish roe (M, G)
Selection of herrings and Baltic herrings (M, G)
Smoked reindeer mousse (L, G)
Beetroot salad (M, G)
Garlic pickled cucumbers (M, G)
Sour cream and chopped red onion (L, G) 

Chicken salad “Oliver” (M, G)
Shrimp salad (M, G)
Green salad with lemon vinaigrette (M, G)
Coleslaw (M, G)
Marinated vegetables (M, G) 

Fish-shellfish soup with aioli (M, G)
Fresh bread and spread 

Star anise marinated fresh fruits (M, G)
Apple pie with vanilla sauce (L)
Selection of biscuits and chocolate pralines 
Coffee / tea 


Our blinis are also available gluten free.
Ask your waiter for a vegan option.

For children

For under 12 years old children 

”I don’t want to” (L, G) 9,00 €
Frankfurters with French fries

”Let’s go to McDonald’s” (L, *) 9,00 €
Cheese burger with French fries
– also available with pea protein patty

“I don’t know” 9,00 €
Pizza with two toppings

”What” (L, G) 9,00 €
Fish of the day, mashed almond potatoes and dill sour cream

”Can we go already” (L, G) 9,00 €
Meatballs, mashed almond potatoes and cream sauce

During blini weeks 9.1.–1.3. blinis also on our à la carte menu.

See our blini list here >


VL = low lactose / L = lactose free / M = dairy free / G = gluten free / V = vegan / * = gluten free option